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I think there are several differences in database tables between this two version.

How can I update?
Q2A version: 1.5.4

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At first, since you have changed the table, I think that you have knowledge about PHP and table of Q2A. You need to observe qa_db_upgrade_tables() of qa-include/qa-db-install.php. Q2A updates only portion required for upgrade without refreshing no tables. The process of update will changes by the changes of your table. When your change and change of Q2A have collided, it may be necessary to apply your change again after update. However, probably, in many cases, it will be unnecessary. Anyhow, it is important to fully investigate program.
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Yes there is some update in database for 1.6

I have checked with my dev 1.5.4 verstion by upgrading 1.6 and found it is as easy as just copy and paste.

  1. First take entire db and all files backup
  2. Place and overwrite 1.6 files (do not replace .htaccess) with your 1.5.4
  3. Go to your site
  4. Now it should ask to update database... Click and done.

If you haven't changed anything in database than your version should update To cross check go to Admin > Stats and you will see first item

Question2Answer version: 1.6-dev-0529

Altered, additional tables should not be an issue as I also have may additional tables and also I have alter many tables too.

Gud Luck...!!!

I think you meant:
2. Place and overwrite 1.5.4 files (do not replace .htaccess) with your 1.6

Thanks for the useful advices on the upgrade though.
Yes that's right! but make sure take full backup of your current version (1.5.4) files and database both.