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The website (https://gateoverflow.in/) is using the Polaris theme, and in this theme, it is very hard to distinguish between the questions that are marked as read and those that are unmarked. Well, there is just a small rectangular symbol seen as the symbol for questions that are marked as read, nothing significant that can make an effective distinction between the questions (marked read vs. unread).

Here is an image, for example: 


Is it possible to add something new that can add more effectiveness to "marked as read"? It will be a great help.


@Shubham08 I saw that you have integrated the tag search Widgate on your site. Unfortunately, this does not work for me, see photo. How did you integrate the Widegate? What CSS did you use?

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There's already a style set for an icon to display there actually.
But since the 'Material Icons Font' is no longer used anymore, and SVG icons are used instead, that icon appears as a replacement glyph (rectangle symbol) because the resource (font link) is no longer available.

You can either add the font link to the head of your site (Admin > Layout > Head links) :

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Material+Icons+Outlined&display=swap"/>

Or if you don't want to load the whole font to prevent slowing down your site, you can replace it with an HTML symbol instead, by adding this to (Admin > Theme Options > Custom CSS):

.qa-q-item-title.qa-q-read:before {
    content: "\2611";

@gold-developer. It is amazing how much you know about this stuff!
Thanks a lot @gold-developer We have added this now and it's working
Strange, I can't see this symbol.
Thanks @gold-developer.
It comes from a plugin which I just made public. You can try it.