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Traditional methods, such as email or via the browser, have many problems, including the high cost and the lack of support of some systems, such as IOS, for browser notifications.

Sender software enables you to send notifications to all users and all your channels and groups at once through a simple and easy control panel.


1- Popup notification on your site to encourage users to subscribe.

2- Send an unlimited number of messages for free.

3-Knowing the number of subscribers who received the message and the number of those who unsubscribed.

4-Send “texts, links, pictures, video” in your message.

5- Edit or delete the message after sending it.

6-Add an admin.

7-Add Chat ID numbers for users, channels, and groups

8- Sending a message to someone and receiving it from users

9- Link your site feed to send the latest topics automatically

10-Send a link in the form of a button

Note: Installation is easy and does not require experience.

What you will get when you purchase the service:

1- Program files and database.

2- Installation method file.

3-Free technical support until successful installation.

4- Full features except those mentioned in the developments.

You can contact me for more details or through the service page:


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