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I am doing some testing on my Q2A website and I am noticing that my (and other test user's) points keep going down by quite a big number. What I have found is after I make a comment, my points drop from 1,230 to 935 immediately after I press any other link on the website.

I will then go to Admin > Points > Save and Recalculate...then my points go back up to 1,235 (where they are suppose to be).

I logged in as another test user and the points were 172 until I made a comment. After moving away from that page, the points went to 187. I logged in as admin and pressed the Save and Recalculate...and the points went back to 172.

I am using the Event Logger, Just A Bump, Dynamic Mentions, and Badges plugins (and others).


I am also seeing point calculations change as I do other functions such as pin a post with JABP plugin (points are subtracted correctly, but go back to their original number after I recalculate points). Does not make sense. If a user uses (50 points for example) to pin a post, and I press the recalculate button...the points should not go back to the user's account.
Q2A version: 1.8.8
JABP's plugin documentation has a section that states:

Point Recalculator
This plugin is shipped with the Point Recalculator plugin. This is a support plugin that you should only use under any of these circumstances:

 * You have recalculated points in the admin/stats section
 * You changed the Points per bump setting
 * You are upgrading from version 1.x to 2.x (in this case remember to first set the value for the Points per bump setting and then recalculate the points)

Recalculating points this way will make sure all users have the points properly set.

@pupi1985 I totally forgot about the  Point Recalculator plugin. I had also recalculated points and changed the Points per bump setting.

Thanks as usual!

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