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Featured Questions Plugin

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asked Dec 28, 2011 in Plugins by NoahY

- select questions by id in admin/plugins
- questions are moved to top of list (or added if not in list)
- css class added to question wrapper
- css modifiable via admin/plugins




Any comments?

commented Jan 21, 2012 by gibby
Installed featured question and I think it breaks the mouseover layer for the other questions on the page... can anyone else confirm?
commented Jan 22, 2012 by NoahY
Not for me...
commented Feb 21, 2012 by gooshbob
It works great for me!  Thanks NoahY!
commented May 7, 2014 by sun
It would be great, if you could also feature questions on the "All Activity" Page. Anyone might be able to quickly extend the plugin like this?

6 Answers

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answered Dec 28, 2011 by fudicie

Whenever I install the plugins I receive errors. It is the same for this plugin. Is there a way to fix these kind of errors. What are the reasons?

Notice: Undefined index: url in/home/xxx/public_html/qa-include/qa-theme-base.phpon line1261

Notice: Undefined index: title in/home/xxx/public_html/qa-include/qa-theme-base.phpon line1261

commented Dec 28, 2011 by NoahY
yeah, just turn off error reporting - these aren't errors, just notices.
commented Jan 11, 2016 by longvic
Thanks for your advice. I've just disabled display_errors, It works well
edited file: php.ini
display_errors = Off
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answered Mar 5, 2012 by WhyCheese
Nice, thanks ! Would be more usefull, and i would use it if i can add seperate page "featured questions" or maybe better widget with latest 5 featured questions.
asked Mar 7, 2012 in Plugins by anonymous How do you know the question IDs?
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answered Aug 16, 2014 by qbens
i know this plugin is old, but it worked like  charm for me :D ( just a local test website )
my question is : how can i show the featured questions on the sidebar, i dont want them to be pinned on top of other questions, just showing up on the sidebar .
thank you
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answered Oct 8, 2014 by fara
I added a question which I have edited before to the featured question id. then it came to the top and became yellow background. But there is a line: edited by anonymouse! while in question page is Edited by fara! how can I fix this bug?
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answered Dec 9, 2014 by takesi
Hi. I just downloaded your plugin and works fine. The only problem that i have is that i use the infinite scroll function on my website to load questions on page scrolling. So when i am setting a question to featured then this question displaying (repeating) after 25 questions. Could you suggest any solution on this issue?


I appreciate your help.

Best Regards
commented Dec 9, 2014 by takesi
Any Help? @NoahY
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answered Nov 25, 2017 by esqeudero
Noah, how to feauted question for a certain hours? For instance, I want to feature a question for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the question should be automatically dropped from featured list.
commented Nov 25, 2017 by pupi1985
You'll have to setup a CRON job that updates the database directly