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How does on go about making the user page, like qa/user/XYZ, look better? Rearrange, how information is presented?

I looked at the classed on this page, for qa-theme-base.php, but no classes on the user page are in that file. I then looked at qa-page-user.php, and it has alot of functions for getting the user information, and I found something called: $userhtml=qa_html($handle); - it seems like all the user information is passed thru to this qa_html function?

Is rearranging items on the qa/user/* page then simply a matter of rearraning functions in the qa-page-user.php code so that what gets sent to $userhtml is in a specific order?

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Most of the content on the user page is done via standard Q2A forms. If you want to modify how it looks, override the form(...) function using an advanced theme and check $this->template to see if you're on a user page. If so, do your thing, otherwise, call through to the standard form(...) function in the base class.

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You already asked this question. Please don't make duplicate posts.



Yes, I know, but I never received an answer, so I thought maybe by clarifying the question, I could get an answer from someone. Thanks.
You could edit your previous question with the additional details, it will then show up in the "all activity" page.
OK. Thanks. Didn't realize you could edit a previous question.

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