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I've the text on the very end of my page html

It's no big deal, but your HTML could not be indented properly. To fix, please:
1. Use this->output() to output all HTML.
2. Balance all paired tags like <TD>...</TD> or <DIV>...</DIV>.
3. Use a slash at the end of unpaired tags like <img/> or <input/>.

but validator said that it is all ok. How to fix it?

or how to just remove this notice from html?

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I have found the same notice today, to remove this you have to change:


and clear: function finish() {}

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The message is not related to validation at all, it's about indentation of code. You are supposed to use the $this->output() function on each line of HTML you want to output (instead of just using echo or print directly), and that function will take care of the indenting.

I think this message also comes up if you add your own spacing to the string you pass to the function. Like echteinfachtv said you can just remove the notice overriding the finish function.