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I used to retrieve the raw content of a question in function q_item_main by using this line:

$rawquestion = qa_viewer_text($question['content'], '', '');

For some reason, using that in 1.5 gives me this notice:

Undefined index: content

I also tried this:

$rawquestion = qa_viewer_text($q_item['content'], '', '');

Still the same notice. Any tips?

Q2A version: 1.5 beta1

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I've no idea why this ever worked, since the $question variable is not defined in that function, and 'content' is not a field of $q_item. Perhaps your function was picking up a global variable definition from elsewhere - these have now been cleaned up in Q2A 1.5. Anyway the question's content won't be present in q_item_main() - see the Mouseover Layer plugin for how it can be retrieved.