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The RSS feed for Questions and Answers seemingly only returns Answers, but no recent questions. Is there a bug here? Shouldn't this RSS feed return recent questions and recent answers?
Q2A version: 1.5 beta 2
I can't see the problem on this site, so please post a link where you're seeing this. Thanks!
What seems to happen is that when you ask a question it shows up in the Questions and Answers feed, as a question as long as there is no answer. However, once an answer is supplied to the question, the question disappears from the Feed and it only shows the Answer. I'm not sure if this is intended or not. I think people like to read thru the answers and the questions, even if there is an answer.

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This is intended behavior - it reproduces the content of the home page / Q&A page on the website. Duplicate links to the same question page are removed from the feed, with only the most recent entry (question or answer) being listed. If you want a more raw feed that shows multiple links to the same question page, it shouldn't be too hard to put together as a plugin.