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I'm not sure if I do something wrong. RSS readers such as Reeder is not pulling any new questions nor answers. Once, just once, the RSS feed is updated with new question after a few hours of posting.

There seems to be no setting for this.

Please advise how to troubleshoot.
Q2A version: 1.5

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This is not q2a's fault.   Google Reader only checks the feeds once in a while.

The whole RSS concept was not designed for instantaneous updates (it is pull not push technology)  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Push_technology

So it appears that the google products work as expected and the other ones don't.
Can you further confirm that by subscribing to your feed with google reader  http://reader.google.com

also please run your RSS feed through http://feedvalidator.org/

quoting http://textpattern.com/faq/280/troubleshooting-feed-issues :

Safari RSS does not appear to output a single useful error message. If Safari RSS is having problems with your feed, try the feed in another feed reader first, then try the feed validator. Most often, the feed is invalid, but Safari’s error message doesn’t leave any clue as to the nature of the problem with the feed. Also, Safari will automatically change the scheme from ‘http’ to ‘feed’. That’s fine, within Safari, but remember that everywhere else your feed URLs still need to begin with ‘http’.
I can confirm you now that the Feed is already in Google Reader, and GR will not show the latest postings too.

Re the others, I'll get back to you.
could you please message me your RSS feed URL?  (or post it here if you don't mind it being public)
On the Mac, NetNewsWire doesn't get new news feeds in activity.rss, questions.rss, hot.rss and unanswered.rss.

Vienna for the Mac works perfectly fine; it gets all new items immediately upon reload.
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Thanks echteinfachtv! The feeds are still being monitored.
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Google Reader is notorious for not updating feeds. Even if you tell it to check regularly, if new questions are not being asked regularly, it starts to slow down and sometimes will stop showing new posts.

It's a problem with GR, not Q2A.