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Some users type a big text in first field, "Your question in one sentence".

Then the title of the question page can get very big!

Is there any easy way to limit the amount of characters of the first field?

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There is not currently an option for this, but you can implement it by modifying the qa_question_validate(...) function in qa-app-post-create.php.

If you wanted a maximum of 200 characters, you would change this:

qa_length_validate($errors, 'title', $title, $options['min_len_q_title'], QA_DB_MAX_TITLE_LENGTH);

...to this...

qa_length_validate($errors, 'title', $title, $options['min_len_q_title'], 200);

An option regarding this is planned for the next major release.
thank you again for very fast reply :)

Big title is too ugly and bad for SEO, this will be better.