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A user has 2 accounts in the QA database: one for his facebook account and another being a real Q&A account. Both with the same email address (don't know why this is allowed in the first place, but it seems the platform works this way...).

When the new login only with email address option is activ, the respective user cannot login (the accounts are inherited from an older installation, of course...).

Also, the error message is innapropriate - user not found (I think another text variable should be designed esp. for this situation or the situation should simply be eliminated).

Pls. advise.

Q2A version: 1.5 18 january 2012 release

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Yes, the ability for someone to have the same email address in the user database because they logged in via Facebook and a real Q&A account, appears to be a bug. I am not sure how this is allowed either. This was addressed on another question thread, but I'm not sure it's been fixed.

I think this is an easy fix for the developer of this script. Basically, before you insert an email from the FB plugin, you check to make sure the user is not already in the database and vice versa.