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Hello to everyone. We are using Q2A in our website and the product is great.

We've jus upgraded to 1.4.3 and we've noticed that there is some kind of in browser cache,.

In fact, if I navigate through all the sections of Q2A it looks like pages are not udate with newest information. Only if i click F5 or refresh, the page is finally updated. This is acusing quite a lot of troubles.

Can anyone suggest me what to do?

Q2A version: 1.4.3
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Confirmed. I've used the newest version of Q2A (1.5.1) and have the same problem.
ohisee ??? :))
Strangely, I've noticed the opposite. Pages are never cached and I always get the newest version.
@anhmjn: Yes, ohisee here :D, are you http://linkhay.com/u/anhmjn ?
@DisgruntledGoat Which's your version? Can you share your qa-config.php file (post it to http://codesend.com , hide your private info like password before send)?

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