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Hi ,
im planing to coperate this system together with wordpress. so my website is composed from wordpress and Q2A systems.

on my home.php in wordpress i want to include the 5 last questions people post in the Q2A system. i need to know how to do it and it would be helpful to put hand on the Q2A hooks, like its API or/and template tags.


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You can do this now by replicating some of the code in qa-page-home.php, but I would recommend if possible waiting for version 1.1 (now in development) which includes RSS support. That will make it a whole lot easier!
i know its not a wish-list but i still wanna share my wishes

regarding to the next version

1.i have translated the current version to my language. can i keep those files when i update?

2.will we see "Delete" rather than "Hide" button in the admin?

3.we will see profile avatar attached to users (very nice to have)

4.when it will be available for downloading?

Great CMS!!!

1. Yes, though you will need to add some more phrases. The qa-check-lang.php will make it easy for you to find those.

2. Not sure it will make it into 1.1, but I know it's a common request. See this thread: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/1200/how-to-delete-hidden-posts-from-the-database

3. Again, not sure it will make it into 1.1, but it's high priority for a subsequent version.

4. Scheduled for release in July.
Thanks! keep the great job !!!