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I think an template system is required because many people will want to make their website unique and change the site layout not just the colours but everything else.  

Something like other great scripts have like wordpress, phpbb, vbulletin etc.

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Other great scripts operate with themes. Themes can be created with Question2Answer already.
themes and templates are 2 different things, you can change the theme via the css file but i want to change everything about the design and structure and i think its easier with an template system.
The theme base class which outputs HTML is broken into many small functions to make it easy to override certain parts of the output. I understand this is not the same as templating. But the trouble with templating is that a versatile system gets so complicated that you might as well just use native PHP code. That's what the theme object allows you to do. I believe WordPress adopts a native PHP approach as well.
There is now proper documentation on how to create Question2Answer themes: http://www.question2answer.org/advanced.php#theme