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for some reason when one person has replyed to an qestion the your anwer box dose not show at the end off the page i would like this box to show all the time how would i got about chaning that ?

as i want the box to be there intill the qestion is closed ?

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Under Admin > Viewing, set the option "Show answer form immediately" to "Always".

Then if you want to put the form underneath the current answers, see this question.

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thank you for help it shows great everytime now


i have tried  adding an file qa-theme.php and copying the code



function doctype() 
            if(isset($this->content['a_form'])) { 
                $a_form = $this->content['a_form']; 
                $this->content['a_form'] = $a_form; 
but it just palces it at the top off the page and dose norting ? i am no trying to make it got to the bottom