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If no "more information" is added by a user for their question, is it possible to use the question title as the meta description & keywords? I've noticed that if the additional info area is left blank, then Google just displays some random Garbledegook from the website. I'd like to tell Q2A, "if there is no additional info added to the question title by the user, then use "these values".

Not concerned with SEO here, only that the descriptions look halfway decent in the search results. When people scan search results, the quality of the text (titles/descriptions) has everything to do with whether they pursue the data or not. Much like when people read newspaper headlines. So if there is a great title (Google blue link) with a bunch of meaningless garbabe (Google, black text below blue title link), then people will skim right on by without a second glance.
Q2A version: 1.5

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This could be done easily with a plugin with a layer that modifies the description tag. But I wonder if Google will show it since it will be identical to the page title.
You make a good point. If no addition info, then include $title + custom text from admin. At least this way, if the imported title and text make sense together, Google might show it as the description.