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Hi all,I've two questions,and It almost drive me crazy……indecision

How to remove this line? I cant found some useful information in css files……

Another Question is about these voting buttons,I dont want it appearing on Question-list page,I just want it in Question-view page……

and I found that question-list and Questin-view use same css class,So it seems I have to change core files, I wonder know how to make it..


Thanks,and sorry for my poor english.

Q2A version: 1.5

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First question:

.qa-header {
    border-bottom2px solid #293D39;
    padding10px 20px 0;
second question:

        function vote_buttons($post)

            if($this->template != 'question' && $this->template != 'voting')

thanks,How could I deal with it?  add these codes to somewhere in the core files?
It doesnt work.Or I should say it will hide the voting button on all pages. But I found a new solution,I edited vote-buttton.gif,and make vote-disable part transparent,and it seems okay now.
if you remove the call to $this->vote_buttons($post); then yes it will remove them on all pages.  If you add the check for template=question, not removing the call to vote_buttons, then it will only remove them on the lists.
thanks,it works now
You'll also have to add $this->template != 'voting' to the check, so it shows on ajax voting calls (see modified answer above).