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This is a great app!  Thank you so much!

I'm not a pro by any means on the rewriting of the htaccess file.  I haven't run across this before, but a little advice on what to look for or to change would be nice.  It runs great on the site, but I need to modify it locally first.  Running it all in a /q2a/  fodler from the root locally and on the site.
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For Wamp   to enable rewrite rule Go to  apache>>apche module >> rewrite_module 

Click on rewrite_module to enable it on localhost

Now that you've answered, I can see where I should have asked it better or more completely.  I'm running xampp and do have the rewrite module running.  I'm giving an access forbidden error 403.  I'm runing Windows 7 x64 and have this folder on a separate drive, but my entire website and database works just fine with everything else.  If I remove the htaccess file, the index page comes up with no problem.  No sure if I must add something special to my localhost that I did not have to do to my web server.  I'm not currently using rewrites anywhere else.

Thanks in advance!