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Help with a book export plugin?

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asked Mar 8, 2012 in Plugins by NoahY

I've created a plugin to export an HTML book.  It's here now:


But it's still quite experimental.  It displays the book alright, default is at yoursite/book, but the css will have to be tweaked a bit as well as the templates.  It's fully customizable, anyway, so hopefully someone can come up with a better css file and add that.

There are a few options, not sure if they all work as they should in all situations:

- sort by categories

- include only q's with sel answer, min votes, etc.

- sort by date or votes


Feedback would be helpful!

Q2A version: 1.5
commented Mar 8, 2012 by rajul885
It showing an error of undefined qa_error_log on line 48 in *_admin.php when click on Plugin link in admin (admin>>plugin)
commented Mar 8, 2012 by NoahY
sorry, fixed now
commented Sep 20, 2015 by arjunsuresh
Is there a way I can contribute to this plugin? I'm currently working on it.

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answered Aug 17, 2012 by Rob Connor
I think this has great potential, it would make a great free gift to offer a incentive for joining my site so thank you for doing this.

I am getting an error with the user name of the answerer. The user name is displayed as 'name' and  the hyperlink is pointing to 'file://C|User...

Also, would it be possible to include the name of the user that asked the question.
commented Oct 25, 2012 by Rob Connor
I noticed that the username is only displayed as 'name' for users other than 'Registered User'. i.e Expert, Administrator etc.
commented Nov 6, 2012 by Rob Connor
Also, another great feature would be able to restrict questions\answers by a date range. So it would be easy to produce say a book of all questions & answers for a given month.
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answered Nov 21, 2012 by Pady Srini
Great plugin. Here are some things I noticed -

* Inside the pdf generated, it says "/q2a/book" URL not found with a apache error message. Whereas the book.html is generated fine with the questions etc under same URL. The pdf is generated but the pdf has one page with the apache error message "The requested URL /q2a/book/ was not found on this server.". But the URL does work.


* Can we have in category template, the "category/subcategories" tree as the TOC, rather than each question there ?
commented Feb 17, 2013 by NoahY
I don't know... I don't have this problem.
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answered Nov 21, 2012 by Pady Srini
There should be a way to reset to default any template textarea in the admin --> plugins page.
commented Feb 17, 2013 by NoahY
I think the admin plus plugin does this...
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answered Nov 23, 2012 by Pady Srini
I just noticed that in the book.html, I get only the table of contents with the questions but on click of a question, no answers. Here is an example -