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There is and option in the plugin's admin section, to comma separate (out) any categories not being included in the created book.

If anyone is using NoahY's book master plugin and understands the .php scripts, I would be grateful for help in changing the above 'default' structure. So that I actually have to comma separate (in) the categories I want to include in a given book.

I'm a 'fumbler' when it comes to scripting languages (sorry guys) but I have managed to adapt this plugin to better suit my needs, in so far as (at least visibly) Questions are now (Poems) and Answers, are now (Reviews) etc. So far everything performs as it should physically... But the change I wish to make above is costing me a fortune in coffee, cigarettes, sweets and sleep! On a less serious note... The wife left 6 weeks ago!!

Would I be right in thinking the 'qa-book-admin' page holds the key to pandora's box and if so, can anyone tell me what I need to do to achieve my desire please?

I did think to PM NoahY directly about this but I noted many wall postings and decided the chap is swamped enough and doesn't need me to add yet another headache.


I want to add a Thank you to NoahY for the plugin, irrespective of whether I can get it to do my bidding!

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