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Does anyone know how to use the question post's custom field to create a custom captcha that is unique to that question? For example, display text above custom field entry in the posted question says, "What color is the sky?". User must enter "blue" in order for the question to be posted. And it would also have to be a required. This seems like a quick easy way to add custom captcha functionality. Any ideas?
Q2A version: 1.5

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You could use a plugin with a filter module for this - filter_question(...) function could check the 'extra' field.

Thanks. Is there an existing plugin (with filter module) example of any kind where I could see the code and learn to go about constructing this?
Yes, thanks. I'm using it. It's great! I'm actually trying to create quiz questions (contest) where it will only accept the correct answer that I specify beforehand. So I thought I could use a custom captcha to do this. I want to post a question like "what color is the sky", and the only answer accepted is "blue". Then the first person to answer correctly gets their answer posted, gets points, and the question is closed for any further answers. Would make a great add-on (quiz contest questions mod). I'm thinking that using the custom field for a custom captcha might work.
Interesting idea.
Maybe you could also think about such a captcha: