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Reason is I just want to increase visit to my page and user can post comment or ask followup..otherwise users start replying/commenting through email instead of visiting website?

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Yes, use a custom language file to modify some of the phrases in qa-lang-emails.php, removing the substitution codes (beginning with ^) that include the full text. For example you could remove this from the 'q_answered_body' phrase:


exactly what I was searching for: "Change text of notification email"

Thanks gidgreen
What is "^open" standing for? Or necessary at all?

I tried:
'q_answered_body' => "^a_handle has answered your question '^open^q_title^close' here: ..."

which results in new lines:
Username has answered your question '
the question title?
' here:

^open and ^close indicate the start and end of a quoted section. In most recent versions of Q2A they are replaced by a newline, but this used to be different and might change again in future. If you prefer they can be left out.
thanks for letting me know!