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I don't know if it's in plugin or core, it's for transaltion file.

I start to translate in french and in french there are some apostrophe/quote and non-breaking space.

When i make some translation, i like to use utf8 encoding (' for '  and   for nbs )

But actually & is replaced by & ( url encoding issue ?). If it's needed maybe do a utf8encoding bedore replace & is a good idea. If it's not needed, why use url encoding ?

For ', i can use \' ( don't like it's hard to read for me) but for nbsp i don't have a solution.


Thank's a lot
Q2A version: 1.5

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The example you show above is HTML escaping, not UTF-8 encoding. You can't use HTML escaping within Q2A's language files. Instead, just set your text editor to use UTF-8 encoding, and type accented characters in the normal way.
And what for nbsp and ' ?

For nbsp, i think i can use charmap but for ' ? only solution are \'.
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Another thing, gere the & is translated to & a m p ;. for trabslaton string?

Why ?
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Solution are to deactivate htmlspecialchars for qa_lang_html 'speed solution, but maybe some utility).

Or to replace qa_lang_html with qa_lang.


I think if someone put a </> in langage file, maybe he want some strong (or some script). If it's for XSS protection: it's the administrator role to chnage the langage string, i really don't understant why replace & by & a m p ; ...



How and where to do that?
Still exists in 1.6
Hi, i need to update my Q&A before testing again :)
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Just resave translated files to UTF-8 format.

FOR example you can do that with Notepad and then clicking "File"->"Save as.." and choose formating from ANSI or UNICODE to UTF-8 and save and all done.