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I run out of ideas to hunt down this issue... please share your suggestions.

I have 2 copies of Q2A running. Say Prod and Test. Both contain the exact same code. No differences. I've diff'ed the folders.

Both connect to the same MySQL server, although each has its own database.

Now, under Test, users and administrator can private msg each other with no error, and email will be received at both ends.

But under Prod, I get "there is a server error" or something like that after clicking on Send. No emails will result, but the private will show up in the other party's msg list.

There is no error in Apache's errorlog.

I want to know how to enable more logging so that I can figure out what is happening.

Q2A version: v1.5.0
Can someone help?!?!

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Try re-installing q2a by simply overiding your old files with the new files. I guess it's no fundamental problem of q2a though, or else Prod wouldn't work either.
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Also check for differences between the options settings in the two installations - you can do this by comparing the contents of the qa_options tables.