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Users can send private messages to other without any issues.

But when the Administrator sends a private msg, it takes a while longer to send, then a msg saying there is an error sending. However the msg will get thru to the user.

How do I check the internal error?


Also, how does a user know that he/she has a new private msg?


Q2A version: 1.5

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I don't know how to check for the error, but if I'm not mistaken, users get an e-mail when they have a PM.
I used the admin account to msg myself, and no, I didn't get any email.
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Did you check your server's error_log file?

ok, I'll check that first.
Got it. It is looking for images/loadingAnimation.gif
Placed a real animated gif in the directory, and there is no output in the error_log when trying to send a personal msg. Still the error msg is at the top of the screen.

access_log is "POST /?qa=message/user_name HTTP/1.1" 200

No emails about the msg.

The user's email account is valid.

The admin is receiving emails about new questions, so I guess the mail is functioning properly.

What can I do now?

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