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is it rss , xml ?

Cheers Ste

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[This is a question about a non-public release.]

You can get the full URI in the Admin panel after switching on the feed, or by clicking the feed icon on the corresponding page on the website.
Because it has no feed , such as .rss or .xml or .rss2 etc , how can we parse using strict rss URL in rss parser ?
Are you saying that your RSS parser insists that URLs have this suffix? If so this is a problem, but I can easily make it possible to add a suffix to the feed URLs, and for them still to work.
Hi Gid yeah, we need .rss or .xml extension as the suffix. We use a proprietary rss parser, and one of our own. The proprietary one is zrssfeed which works great on some of our feeds.
However we are in the process of running Q&A feeds thru a jquery scroller, which also needs explicit suffix.