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first of all sory my bad english

i was look another topic (Remove Number from URL)

but i don find my questions answer

i want to remove numbers from url!

How can i do this ?

FYI the link is wrong, should be http://www.question2answer.org/qa/8134/remove-number-from-url

And I still maintain my answer on that question, it's basically pointless doing it.
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okey but i haevnt got answer :( i must change this,because i change my script to wp to q2a. google will delete my 3000 index :( i must remove numbers from link
In that case you are out of luck. There is no way to *completely* remove the numbers from the URL as they are needed to look up the question in the database. It may be possible to do it like the last example in the linked question ie domain.com/why-do-birds-sing-123 But you'll have to go through and find the relevant parts of the code you need to change.

The easiest and best idea is to just set up your Q2A site normally and use 301 redirects so that search engines know where the old pages moved to.
thats not good for me..... thx..

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Nobody cares about a 3 digit number within a URL.

Does not matter for seo or users. "pointless" as DisgruntledGoat already said.

It is perfect to have the question words in the URL because that is supposely increasing the click rates when showing results in Google search.


SEO-PS: I hope you are not into keywords anymore ;)