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Right now i use:


i would like to have it this way:


or at least like this:


That would be better for Google Ranking, cause the keywords are not in a sub-directory and more near to the begining. Is that possible?

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Using subdirectories has no effect on SEO, apart from giving a small clue to the site's organization.

The ID is required in the URL in order to find the correct question. What happens if you have multiple questions with the same title?

Using the ID doesn't adversely affect SEO either so removing it or moving it to the end will have a miniscule (if any) effect on SEO. In fact it's standard practice on most sites nowadays, and sites like Stack Overflow have no SEO problems.

It's not worth the effort.
but a little effect is better than nothing and if the number is at the end like example 3, we dont have the problem with same title =)
> "a little effect is better than nothing"
With all the time you've spent looking into this, you could have instead found some quality sites to link to you or promoted the site in another way. That would have had more of a lasting effect than any of these minor changes you're trying to do.