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I'm getting Javascript popup's in many places in our new Question2Answer implementation.  I've just finished settup up PHP, MySQL and Q2A on the server and asked my first question.

When I moused from the question field to the details (WYSIWYG editor) area, I got a Javascript pop up - "unexpected response from server - please try again or switch off Javascript" but after I click ok, I'm able to fill in the details and save the question.  This happens for every new question.

I get the same error when I try to answer the question, only this time, I get the error every time I click on the Add Answer button and therefore cannot save the answer.

This happens in IE6 and Chrome but I don't think its related to the browser being used.

When I test in chrome with the Javascript console open, I see the following error reference:  POST http://<my site url> 500 (Internal Server Error) with a Javascript reference to jquery-1.7.1.win.js:4

Anyone have any ideas?

UPDATE: This appears to have been an issue with my IIS setup related to the PHP index.php file already having been added to the default page list on IIS.  The Q2A web.config has a section that adds index.php to the detaul documents list and this was causing an issue on the IIS side that seems to have been causing all of these strange Javascript errors.

Its strange, however, because on the General tab of the Q2A Admin area under the URL Structure error, all but the last option were gray but the last option was available and seemed to work (aside from these Javascript errors).  So, not that the issue was resolved (I commented out the lines in the web.config), the last three URL Structure options are available, I selected the first available one and the JavaScript errors went away.

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