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can someone tell me how  to add this advertising code at the bottom of my website page

<script type="text/javascript">
adgoing_ad_client = "pub-2854";
adgoing_ad_slot = "slot-3541";
adgoing_ad_width = "728";
adgoing_ad_height = "90";
<script type="text/javascript"
if you want to put ad at other places then you can use below plugin, put qa-theme.php file in your themes dir.

You can place adsense ads at below 4 spots, just insert your ad code in qa-theme.php

1. ad after menu navigation bar, just after horizontal line.
2. ad after question, just before answers.
3. ad after all answers, just before related questions.
4. ad after related questions.

download: http://prothoughts.com/q2a/

example of working ads:

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In the Admin panel you can insert it into the "HTML at bottom of page" section and your advertisement will appear there.

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