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When linking in the Defaul theme qa-styles.css to an external site, all is well:

.qa-header {position:relative;background:url('http://www.portaloha.com/SecretsOfHawaii/images/Lanikai/Kailua1.jpg');}

but when entering a path to a local image it doesn´t work. Just don´t get it. 

Logo files under Admin > Layout > Show a logo image in the page header aren´t visible and the page title disappears.

Q2A version: v1.5

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The path is relative to the stylesheet itself, which is in qa/qa-theme (assuming Q2A is in the subfolder qa). So if the image is in the same folder as the stylesheet just put url("header.jpg")

You can also start the path with a slash which makes it relative to the domain, for example: url("/images/header.jpg")