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Hi everyone!

While looking at my layout, I found out the blank space before the header is not always there. I don't find this a big problem in the default theme, but I want to use the Twentyeleven theme and there the space is doubled when the header space is there. Probably it's just me, or some small mistake, but I really can't find out what is going wrong. Please help!

Using the default theme, I see a blank space (with the background color) before the content starts and the black upper border of the page content. This goes for every page, except for when I'm on the admin pages, then I'm unable to see this space and the upper border. The only thing I can think of is that the admin pages have two rows of submenus, which somehow do this?

When I'm on this Q2A site, the upper and lower border and the space before the header are not visible in both Firefox and Chromium. Of course I can't access the admin pages, so I can't check this out.

Using the Twentyeleven theme, the space is doubled when I'm not on the admin pages and the search bar has less height. In the admin pages, it shows the layout correctly.

On the Twentyeleven demo site, I see the space is not doubled. Which is comparable to what happens if I visit this site. So probably it's me. I tried switching on and off the custom html and widgets in the Layout admin center, but no luck. I also tried removing my custom qa-theme.php in Twentyeleven but also no luck.

I'm using Ubuntu Linux with Firefox and Chromium and both the original themes.

A moderator also checked it on his Android phone with the standard webkit browser. The default layout is only correct there when not using the admin interface. Using Twentyeleven it was vice versa. Even more, moderators only have 2 items in that submenu and not 2 rows, so I think that's not the cause. Visiting this q2a site in webkit doesn't give the space before the header, which is congruent with what Firefox and Chromium give me.


Q2A version: 1.5.2

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on line 47 of Twentyeleven theme's "style.css" file you can see the margin is set like:

#page {
    margin2em auto;

This means it has 2em blank space on top and buttom. now you can change "2em" to something like "5px" and upload it to your server and see the effect.

Thank you for your answer. I've set the top margin from 2em to 0px and now the margin looks normal (there still is a margin). As a workaround, this works quite well. However, when I'm in the admin panel the header suddenly disappears completely, like I indicated above.
If you mean the Banner, change image address from "/logo.png" to full address like: "http://site.com/logo.png"