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I allready read all questions about that but did not find a good answer.

could someone explain me how i just remove the auto nofollow from all links ?

folder / name / line / find /replace


i tryed allready qa app format php but it has no effect.



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I removed it from the functions qa_html_convert_urls and qa_url_to_html_link - lines 823 and 839 in qa-app-format.php, and it worked for me.

But if that is not working, there are also a couple instances inside qa-htmLawed.php that may be being added. You probably need to remove line 527 and the instances of "nofollow" at the end of lines 515 and 518.

instead of editing qa-htmLawed.php, just comment out line 710 in qa-base.php:

// 'anti_link_spam' => array('/.*/', ''), // don't set rel=nofollow

see also: http://question2answer.org/qa/17621/prevent-q2a-add-nofollow-links-when-posting-question-answer?show=17622#a17622