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I tried the following without succes, anybody know what is wrong in this code:

This is what I have now:
function qa_html_convert_urls($html, $newwindow=false)
    Return $html with any URLs converted into links (with nofollow and in a new window if $newwindow)
    URL regular expressions can get crazy: http://internet.ls-la.net/folklore/url-regexpr.html
    So this is something quick and dirty that should do the trick in most cases
        return trim(preg_replace('/([^A-Za-z0-9])((http|https|ftp):\/\/([^\s&<>"\'\.])+\.([^\s&<>"\']|&amp;)+)/i', '\1<A HREF="\2" rel="nofollow"'.($newwindow ? ' target="_blank"' : '').'>\2</A>', ' '.$html.' '));
 // remove nofollow for my links
    $search = '/href="http:\/\/YOURDOMAIN\/([^"]*)" rel="nofollow"/i';
    $replace = 'href="http://YOURDOMAIN/\1"';       
    $html = trim( preg_replace($search, $replace, $html) );
    return $html;

This apparently does not work.


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I actually do this within my theme now, which means it will survive upgrades. I'll post instructions here.

1. Create a custom theme if you don't already have one.

2. In qa-theme.php, add this function in the qa_html_theme class, replacing EXAMPLE.COM with your domain:

function _remove_nofollow( $str )

    $search1 = '#<a rel="nofollow" href="http://EXAMPLE.COM("|/[^"]*")#i';
    $search2 = '#<a href="http://EXAMPLE.COM("|/[^"]*") rel="nofollow"#i';
    $replace = '<a href="http://EXAMPLE.COM\1';
    $str = preg_replace( $search1, $replace, $str );
    $str = preg_replace( $search2, $replace, $str );
    return $str;

3. Override the q_view_contenta_item_content and c_item_content functions to call this function:

function q_view_content($q_view)
    if ( !empty($q_view['content']) )
        $q_view['content'] = $this->_remove_nofollow( $q_view['content'] );
function a_item_content($a_item)
    if ( !empty($a_item['content']) )
        $a_item['content'] = $this->_remove_nofollow( $a_item['content'] );
function c_item_content($c_item)
    if ( !empty($c_item['content']) )
        $c_item['content'] = $this->_remove_nofollow( $c_item['content'] );

Hope this helps!

UPDATED: fixes for comments where nofollow gets added at the end for some reason, and slightly cleaner code.

Thanks for this hack, it certainly works...but i found it is not removing the urls for files or attachments. Is it ok or i have write extra piece of code for the attachments
@Kai, I'm not sure why this causes the indentation problem, as all output is sent through the output function as it should be.
I tested it, with the hack I got the "html message" without the hack, no message. Strange to me as well, maybe this has to do with unicode stuff? I have no idea...
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