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I'm looking at the qa-lang files to change some text in alert boxes and such and I'd like to insert some html so I can style some specific text or add links to static pages outside of Q2A.

'ask_must_login' => 'Please ^1log in^2 or ^3register^4 to ask a question. ',

to include:

'ask_must_login' => 'Please ^1log in^2 or ^3register^4 to ask a question. <a href="#">Click here for help</a>',

The html isn't being rendered and I'm getting plain text <a href="#"> appearing. I'm guessing it's just some syntax thing I'm not getting. I'm not a developer but I'm giving it a shot ;)

Any help is much appreciated!

EDIT: Found this question http://www.question2answer.org/qa/3056/html-in-translation-files

But I'm not sure how to reverse qa_lang__html to make this work. Does this answer even apply to this version of Q2A (answer is from 2010)?

Q2A version: Latest

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