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Sir I want to remove the hot feature, point system and the badge system from my question2answer site. How can I do it.
Q2A version: 1.5.2
that was not answered properly so I asked it again.

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Bhai Tu Nu Kar : 

1)  To Remove Badge System Deactivate The Plugin From 

http://www.Yoursite.com/admin/plugins     or Goto your root Directory And Remove All Files From qa-plugin/badges

2) To Remove Hot Features goto page sections from your admin area 

http://www.Yoursite.com/admin/pages remove the hot page and to remove hot under submenu (after clicking on 'questions') add this in your css file

.qa-nav-sub-hot {display:none !important;}

3)  To Remove The Point System use css to hide the points


.qa-q-item-who-points {display:none !important;}
.qa-q-view-who-points {display:none !important;}
.qa-a-item-who-points {display:none !important;}
.qa-uf-user-points {display:none !important;}
.qa-c-item-who-points {display:none !important;}
This Is Same As In Answers



sir I want to remove all the files of the hot section also such that no hot questions are calculated as such .
And the css you told to hide the hot subsection is not working either
(posting this because I was about to ask a similar question)
Agreed -- suppressing the output via css tweaks is undesirable. Doing so does not alleviate the db stress incurred from performing the calculations.