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I find a bug in this site(and in my q2a site too).

When i click comment link without login on the question detail page, this tip will show: 

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If you use IE, the first word is close to the left , but in firefox/chrome, it's fine.

I check the HTML code, it's different between IE and firefox. But i don't know why.

Maybe we need to find out the reason ...

<!-- END qa-c-form -->
Q2A version: 1.5

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OK I see the issue. The problem is invalid HTML. The <FORM> tag is opened first, then <DIV class="qa-q-view-main">. But then we have </FORM> before all the divs are closed, the following comes after the form tag: </DIV> <!-- END qa-q-view-main -->

Not sure exactly why this is happening, as I thought the HTML was output from the theme cleanly and in a modular fashion.

Edit: another HTML error is the use of <SPAN CLASS="entry-content"> for the post itself - which contains many <P> tags (with the WYSIWYG editor at least), which is not allowed in HTML (block tags inside inline tags).

Thanks - I will check into these for Q2A 1.5.3.
For the "entry-content" element you should just need to change it to a div instead of span.