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This really isn't a question about question2answer, it is actually a question about question2answer.org.  I submitted our site a couple of months ago to the crawler, and we hit 1000 question last week.  So how long should I expect it to take before we show up in the directory.  If after two more weeks we don't show up, should I assume you rejected our site?  Or do I need to resubmit because they drop off the crawler queue after a while if they don't have over 1000 questions?  It would be cool if you had a page where we can pass in a domain, and then you tell us how many pages your crawler believes we have and also status whether the site has been rejected and if so why.

Thanks, love the awesome code you gave to us for free.
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1. you have many questions but answers are missing.
2. as gidgreen said, "genuine organic human activity" -> check the content of questions and answers, how much "content" is there
Plus you appear to have had 100 questions posted in the last 24 hours. The Q2A site is quite popular and only gets around 20 questions per day. I barely get 30 questions/day on my site which also gets a lot of visitors.

It's fine if you added a bunch of questions yourself automatically, but if no one is answering them then it's not really a very useful site.
+1 for Scott
We are advertising our site a lot in ways that ensure we will get a lot of questions, we are not answering them a lot ourselves, we were hoping that we'd get answers from the same people who ask question (those that don't know one thing, might have an expertise in another area and be able to answer someone else's question)

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It is not about the number of questions, it is about: "some quality controls in place if a site has too many unanswered questions." Scott

"Q2A sites tracked by the bot with more than 1000 questions may also appear in the Q2A Directory, subject to confirmation that their content is genuine and not spam."