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Just wondering why placing a search for phrase "testing blabla bla" ( do not remove double qutation) generates a number of results? In fact this search shoud not return anything at all? The only condition to return these many unrelated search result is to have a tag inside the phrase . ( here testing is a tag)

That means if we search for "khskjfdhg sfdhgskjhg" nothing returns ( which is good) but for something which has a tag in it, it returns wrong result!

Please try it for yourself.

PS. Also good to cite:http://www.question2answer.org/qa/16910/what-the-search-logic-used-q2a-ask-question-and-search-fields
Q2A version: current http://www.question2answer.org/qa/ask

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Two reasons: First, there is no "exact match search" using double quotes, Q2A ignores them and just searches for the words you typed.

Second, when searching, Q2A will look for questions containing any of the words, so in the case of "testing blabla bla" it will look for all questions containing "testing", all questions containing "blabla" and all containing "bla" and show them all.

It will order the question list by how relevant it thinks each one is, I assume based on how many times each of the words appear, and if a question contains all the words.
Then would be indeed necessary  to return this ( so that the user trust the search results better":
No results found for "testing blabla bla".
Results for testing blabla bla (without quotes):
yep, I vote for this as well. Should return "no results" if quotes are used, and no exact match.