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I'm trying to override read_post($fieldname) function in "qa-editor-basic.php" file to edit post content after each time they are edited or added. but I couldn't override it.

it simply made no deffirence. I even raised an error which only showed in plugins page, but not while I edited or added a question.

file qa-plugin.php:

    qa_register_plugin_module('module', 'qa-seo-links-admin.php', 'qa_seo_links_admin', 'SEO Links');
    qa_register_plugin_module('editor', 'qa-seolinks.php', 'qa_seo_links', 'SEO Links Editor');

file qa-seolinks.php:

class qa_link_optimizer {
function read_post($fieldname)


//apply changes to $postinfo
            return array(
                'format' => '',
                'content' => ,$postinfo
Q2A version: 1.5

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It sounds like you want to be using a filter module.