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I actually wanted to report that the list of my favorite questions is not showing all questions....

Just then I saw that there are two items named "my favorites".

One goes >Updates >My Favorites

the other: >My Account >My Favorites

This is quite confusing for the enduser (and for me). I am quite sure we need an improvement here.
The one under My Account is a page that lists all the things you marked as favorites (questions, tags, users etc).
The one under Updates lists all activity in your favourites, i.e. activity on favorite questions, activity from favorite users, activity from favorite tags.

I can see how it's a little confusing. Personally I think My Updates should only show "My content" by default, as "my updates" implies replied to your posts.
Is anybody using "updates" anyways? I am only using the 30 days history (plugin needed). The main reason is that in the default "my updates" I cannot see what I have read already and what is definitely new. This is why I have never used it.

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