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I have a website which is built using GWT.I want to integrate Question2Answer website into my website and i want it to be Single Sign on(SSO).That is once the user log's in into my website ,he is automatically logged on into Question2Answer.I have followed all the steps required to perform SSO and i have the the Question2Answer database up in my MYSQL DATABASE.

My functionality is to embed this Q2A website into an iframe in my main website.That is when user clicks on "Post a Question" this Iframe opens up with user already logged in into the Question2Answer website.

Now ,i have gone through the qa-external-users.php file and i understand that i need to pass the cookie/session into this file.

My questions are
a) Is it possible for this to happen
b) Can we integrate Question2Answer website with a website built on GWT(or any other java script website) with a Single Sign On
c) Is there any sample example which anyone can provide me with the help of which i can integrate SSO?

Also i am really impressed with the Q2A site documentation.It makes the job to integrate website so easily...i really wish there should be a way to integrate this to a GWT website.

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