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If I sounded little crazy, please ignore. I am not a programmer.

I was trying to add differently database for both WordPress and Q2A, database1 and database2 respectively. I did it successfully.

Added the same User to both  WordPress and Q2A database. 

database1 / user1 For Wordpress

database2 / user1 For Q2A

Result: My Q2A Crashed but Wordpress is still working

I tried this because the Q2A Wordpress integration is forcing to use same user and database as well. In my case, I want to use a different database but same user for both.

How can I achieve this?

Q2A version: 1.7.5

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Sorry, Q2A does not support using separate databases with Wordpress integration.

Unfortunately it’s not really feasible to support because it would require multiple queries to switch databases back and forth all the time.

But there isn’t any reason to use multiple databases, you can have as many tables as you like in one DB without any problems. Wordpress and Q2A both use their own prefixes so there will never be any clashes.
Actually, I read that using the same database and user will slow down the performance of the website gradually when it starts to get a larger amount of visitors. How far is it true? If it's true what will be the best solution?.
As far as I know that’s not true. MySQL stores all the data in one giant file anyway so I don’t think there would be any benefit. MySQL allows for partitioning databases (and even tables) so if you do get a lot of visitors you can split the tables across multiple servers.

But that’s only necessary when you’re one of the most popular websites in the world. You can cross that bridge if and when you come to it.