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I am getting the name at the top in login bar but not getting name or anything in users page as well as who posted the question or answer.

I am using sso with shared Q2A database .I have edited the external users file completely but not getting what i want.

Please help me to find the bug or look for appropriate function that can give me username for posts from my userinfo table.
Q2A version: 1.5.3
closed with the note: Problem Solved. That function was returning Null.
I would like to see an actual answer to this question, as I am having the same issue.  The SSO logs in and I can get the info into the Login bar, but when I try to post a question as a different user it defaults to a previous user.  Along with that, all of the "points" are being prescribed to all users - regardless of who is logged in.

I have been trying to trace back which function this would be handled by in the external users file.   The question says, Problem Solved - but how?

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There is probably a problem in your qa_get_public_from_userids(...) function.