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i am getting this problem when i'm using any html tag in faq section title. error has gon after reset of faq plugin but when i used html font color tag again, the problem occurred again. please see the picture below.

Q2A version: 1.5.3
closed with the note: issue not resolved, waiting for next release.

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Should be fixed in latest release.
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I found the same problem while working on Wordpress and strange thing I realised and never found the solution for that yet. That if you are using text field and adding html tag with link or quoate it will result like what is your issue. However it will store value properly into the database.

I found by using text area instead of text fild this resolve the issue. To lower the height for textarea you always can use row parameter. This is the only solution I found but I am really looking some real and solid solution from you experts.