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Is there an importer that can import phpBB posts?

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asked Oct 9, 2012 in Q2A Core by anonymous

3 Answers

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answered Dec 19, 2012 by audriusarj

Now it is. We've developed a phpBB Importer for Q2A.

As a proof we converted our http://www.impresspages.org/cms/answers/ from phpBB http://www.impresspages.org/cms/forum/

asked Mar 14, 2013 in Q2A Core by anonymous Is there an importer to bring a vanilla forum in?
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answered Feb 25, 2013 by Mangirdas Skripka
This plugin does exactly that http://phpbb-importer.aproweb.eu
commented Oct 4, 2015 by BurninLeo
Link has become invalid (state 10/2015)
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answered Sep 23, 2013 by audriusarj

Now it's open source at GitHub - https://github.com/jankus/phpbb-importer