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Please help me in how to configure the my account link for sigle sign on mode.
I need to setup SSO using LDAP. How can I do the same?

When I tried to setup q2a locally, it has shown a message that "If you want to offer a single sign-on for an existing user base or website, please consult the online documentation before proceeding". I am not able to find any link for the same.

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All account related things will be handled by WordPress while using Question2Answer as Single Sign On.

If you want to allow your user to edit them profile etc than you have to create customized template for that or easy way to use Theme my login plugin which will allow front end profile edit option.

Once you use Q2A single sign on with wordpress from that point your wordpress site will become multi author website and if you want to add some multi author functionality in your site than you need some or more multi author related customization.

I have developed few website and few are on going have a look for idea about multi authro implementation in WordPress www.pixelngrain.com and www.sharetome.com


I forgot you won't be able to see now all the feature of the site as it is locked due to under development. But in short for easy solution you can use Theme my login plugin and put your edit profile link where you want to display.