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Thinking about how to attract more visitors I thought a "send to a friend" feature would be really great. Many users make use of these buttons on blogs, newssites and so on, why not send questions or diskussions as well.

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It's a good idea - why not add something like http://www.addthis.com/ in the custom sidebar HTML?
Yes, that would work, but slows down the incredible speed. I thought more in a small link under the question, or an envelope symbol, with a functionality like: send question, or send discussion.

But for the moment addthis could do it.

Thank You for the hint.
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very useful function! - I can't wait for it, so I added the functions
"recommend platform to a friend" and
"invite a friend to this question"  by digging deep in the (well structured) source-code from Q2A...

If you also can't wait - here are the details - and a link to the changed files.
This makes it easier to retrace the changes by using a "file-compare".
For testing purposes you can just copy these files over the existing onces.
Tested Q2A Version: 1.3

Link to a *.zip file with the original v1.3 files + changed files:

How-to details to add the following buttons:

Invite a friend to platform and invite a friend to question
("report abuse" could be realized similar to "invite to question")

Changes to be done (see zip-file and use file compare):

added new text-blocks

-> copy qa-page-feedback.php to qa-page-invite-initial.php (for recommendation of platform)
-> copy qa-page-feedback.php to qa-page-invite.php (for "invite a friend to this question")
some changes for new invitation-text - and free email-address-field

added new text-blocks

addded text for the invite buttons

include the 2 new files

add the new button "invite" under every question

new event: if click-event "invite"

you have to include a link on your sidepanel to add the function "recommend this platform to a friend":
--> user-theme: qa-theme.php
add the line:
echo "<a href='index.php?qa=invite_initial' class='qa-sidebar-txt'>invite a friend!</a><br>";

Can you post the url to your site so we can see it in action? Thanks.