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Can we get picture and video embedding into the questions for the next release please?


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Multimedia (in general) is an interesting direction. As part of a rich text editor (possible in version 1.1), it should be reasonably easy to embed pictures and movies which are hosted elsewhere. Would that be sufficient for what you're looking for, or do you specifically also want images/movies to be hosted by the site itself? That would require an upload facility.
1. Thanks for prompt replay gidgreen, at this point, my personal opinion is that rich text editor is not necessary, it would add load times, etc. let's keep posting simple.

for pictures and videos there could be simple tags, for example [video][/video] which will then parse youtube, vimeo, etc codes to embed them on the page

as well as [img][/img] tag for pictures.

2. upload capability is also very good idea, but let's keep it simple as well, just browse + upload button and that's it.